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Learn Coding through Scratch Game development to bring your imagination to life!!

Learn the core concepts of coding by just Drag and droping coding blocks to acheive your desire program...but this real programming??  Your child will be learning coding concepts like the while-loop, if-else statements, for-loop, vairables, arrays etc so yes this scratch coding course will introduce your child to all the core concepts of real world coding in the form of drag and drop blocks. When they have fully understand the core concepts of coding it will be a easiler transistion for them to transist to text base coding.

Learning how to use scratch to code your own game is full of fun and makes learning coding less dull and also makes your code comes to life right infront of you. In scratch coding, your imagination is the limit.

Skills Acquisition

  • Algorithm Design:      Developing coding instructions to solve problem in a systematic step by step approach.

  • Pattern recognition:  Recognizing patterns, trends and regularities in data

  • Abstraction:               Recognizing the general overall principles that generate these patterns

  • Decomposition:         Breaking down codes into small manageable parts for easy debugging      

Progression Chart

progresschart 7.png

Scratch Coding Lesson Plan

     Our lesson plan are specially designed and tailored to provide progressing learning with ease. Each level teaches a set of new coding concepts as the child progresses they will be using the prior knowledge acquire in the previous level together with the new sets of coding concepts that they are learning in their current level.


    Students will be taught on how to use programming concepts to develop these sets of skills and technics for exmaple like for exmaple using variables to prevent gaming chracter from colliding with each other or using variables to store the lives of the gaming character etc.

Click on the buttons below to find out more about what each level is teaching and the coding concepts that they will be learning in each level.

Learn the basics of coding like how a character repeats instruction continously with the for-ever loop, how an character can sense other objects in the game and react accordly with the if-else statement. Understand how delay blocks stops program execution for a certain amount of time and how it affects program flow.

undertand how animation works in scratch coding. Learn simple cloning to clone out enemy charactors or shooting projectiles. Learn loops like the for-loop to repeat instructions for a certain amount of time and repeat until loop to repeat instruction until a condition is met.

Coding Concepts learned:




-if-else statement

-delay block

4 Sessions of 1hr 30mins each


Learn and understand how to give a game character life by using variables. Understand how the program cna make descision base on the more than and less than operators. Understand how the program can do addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division. Make characters float with zero gravirty or slowly descned to ground with gravity. Understand the importance of and the need for mulit tasking in the program. Build simple anti-collision code preventing gaming characters from walking through each other.

Coding Concepts learned:


-Nested if-else statements

-More than condition

-less than condition

-equal to condition

-addition operator

-subtraction operator

-multiplication operator

-division operator


Learn how to use array to store related information into a group call array where it is easiler to access related infomration just by using an index to point to the address of the group that we want to store or read the information from. 

Learn how to use and create your own functions to make programming easier to debugged by break it into smaller parts and group and also make section of code reusable.

Learn the difference bewteen local variables and global variables.

Coding Concepts learned:


-creating functions

-function call

-local variable explained

-global variable explained


Learn and understand how to use variables for more advance anti-collision code bewteen gaming characters in the game this will prevent character from walking pass each other in the game. Understand how to use variables as flags to prevent characters from executing an instruction multiple times when a keyboard button is pressed.

Learn how to make the program execute even more complex instructions with the and/or and not conditions. 

Coding Concepts learned:

-Advance usage of variables

-and condition

-or condition

-not conidtion

-repeat unitl loop


Learn how to create more advance clones with their own individual identification number and properties like different colours, different speeds of movement, different looks. Create an array to store the many different properties they have and change the different properties at will just by accessing the array for example an array to store colour can be access and change at will and another array that store speed of the clone movement can be access and change the speed of each individual clones at will. Understand how to track the movement and position of each individual clones with arrays that stores and tracks their positions constantly.

Coding Concepts learned:

-Advance usage of arrays

-understand how global variables behave differently from local variables.

-understanding the concepts of object oriented programing with cloning in scratch


Learn how to intergrate all coding concepts learn and putting it all together to create more advance and complex program. Using functions to simplfy program and also making blocks of codes reusable. At the third lesson of Scratch Advance 2 students are expected to complete a mini project with guidelines and objectives.

Coding concepts learned:

-Overall revision

-intergrating all coding concepts learned to create a more advance program

-Mini project to be done by each individual students with given objective and guidelines

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