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A brief introduction to Robotics Revolution



   Robotics Revolution is the brainchild of parent company Geniusplaytime founded in the year 2015.
    Over the years Geniusplaytime has been providing quality robotics and coding education to educational institutions all around Singapore, We have taught and produce many junior programmers who have discovered the fun of learning coding and applying what they have learned from their maths and science lessons at schools to real-world applications. 
   At Robotics Revolution we are not just teaching coding and robotics to children, we are grooming curious mind to love learning and with knowledge comes possibilities. Welcome to the Revolution !!!



    Who we are


 Passion is the key to teaching the   students well.



At robotics revolution we expect all our educators to have relevant background experience in the field of coding and robotics, only this then would the educators truly appreciate and enjoys understanding what they knew and thus able to disseminate the information to the younger generation with passion and clear explanation.

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