What is a Robot? how does it move? how does it sense and react to it's surrounding environment let all these questions be demystified in our 3 session Robotics and Coding Fundamentals Workshop. 

Children will get to learn

  • How Robot can execute instructions continuously with the while-loop

  • How Robot can make decisions with the if-else statement.

  • How Robot can execute instructions for a certain number of times with the for-loop.

  • How Robot can use the delay function to delay for a certain number of seconds before executing the next instruction.

  • How Robots can sense colours and perform different tasks based on what colour is being sensed.

  • How Robot can sense and measure distance with it's proximity sensor.

  • How Robot can react to light with it's light sensor

Coding concepts learnt


-If-else statement

-Delay function


-More than operator

-Less than operator

-Equal to operator

Sensors used

-Touch sensor

-Colour sensor

-Proximity sensor

-Light sensor

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