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       Robotics Revolution was founded in the year 2015 with the passion to introduce children ages 5 and above to the wonders of Robotics, Engineering, Maths, Science and Technology in general.


       Our key strength is that we are able to teach children Robotics Programming in a metamorphic way that they can learn and understand easily, we also believe strongly in integrating learning with fun thus our program will spark the curiosity of children to learn programming through Robotics.


        At Robotics Revolution we are not just teaching coding and robotics to children, we are grooming curious mind to love learning and with knowledge comes possibilities. Welcome to the Revolution !!!


  • Acquire the fundamentals of programming to become a junior programmer

  • Sparks interest in learning subjects like maths, science and technology

  • Develop confidence in problem solving

  • Encourage children to think out of the box(creative thinking)

  • Improve fine motor skills

  • Hands on learning

  View videos of our Example Robots below




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