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Lego Robotics and Coding Workshop By Robotics Revolution
       Join us for this Free trial Lego Robotics and Coding workshop where your little ones will learn coding concepts like while-loop, if-else statement, switch-statements, variables and for-loop. At the same time they will also get to learn math concept like addition and subtraction; more than, less than or equal; measuring distances, basic introduction to rotational degree, time, colours, simple programming with blocks language and many more interesting robots that will aid in learning while playing. 
Learning Objectives :

•    Acquire the fundamentals of programming to become a junior programmer
•    Sparks interest in learning subjects like maths, science and technology
•    Develop confidence in problem solving
•    Encourage children to think out of the box(creative thinking)
•    Improve fine motor skills
•    Hands on learning


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