Robotics and Coding Workshop 1


What is a Robot? how does it move? how does it sense and react to it's surrounding environment let all these questions be demystify in our 3 sessions Robotics and Coding Introductory Workshop available for both home based learning and centre based learning


Children will get to learn

  • How Robot can execute instructions continuously with the while-loop

  • How Robot can make decisions with the if-else statement

  • How Robot can execute instructions for a certain number of time with the for-loop

  • How Robot can use the delay function to delay for a certain number of  seconds before executing the next instruction

  • How to control the Robot's movement like move forward, rotate left, rotate right.

  • Programming Robot to move a certain distance.

  • Control Robot's speed.

  • Programming robotic's arm to rotate 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

  • How Robot can sense colours and perform different task base on what colour is being sense.

  • How Robot can sense and measure distance with it's proximity sensor.

  • How Robot can react to light with it's light sensor

Coding concepts learnt


-If-else statement

-Delay function


-More than operator

-Less than operator

-Equal to operator

Sensors used

-Touch sensor

-Colour sensor

-Proximity sensor

-Light sensor

Seats limited to a maximum of 6 students per class

Laptops and Robots will be provided by our centre.

Each individual student will be provided with a laptop.

Timeslot for Home based learning

  • Mon: [ 4pm – 5.30pm ]   [ 5.30pm – 7pm ]  [ 7pm tp 8.30pm ]

  • Tue:  [ 4pm – 5.30pm ]   [ 5.30pm – 7pm ]  [ 7pm tp 8.30pm ]

  • Wed: [ 4pm – 5.30pm ]   [ 5.30pm – 7pm ]  [ 7pm tp 8.30pm ]

  • Thu:  [ 4pm – 5.30pm ]   [ 5.30pm – 7pm ]  [ 7pm tp 8.30pm ]

  • Fri:    [ 4pm – 5.30pm ]   [ 5.30pm – 7pm ]  [ 7pm tp 8.30pm ]

  • Sat: [ 11am – 12.30pm ] [ 12.30pm – 2pm ]  [ 2pm - 3.30pm ]  [ 3.30pm to 5pm ]  [ 5pm to 6.30pm ]

  • Sun: [ 11am – 12.30pm ] [ 12.30pm – 2pm ]  [ 2pm - 3.30pm ]  [ 3.30pm to 5pm ]  [ 5pm to 6.30pm ] 

  • Valid for children aged 5 - 13 years old only.

  • Minimum pax per class: 6;  Maximum pax per class: 6.

Venue: 150 Orchard Road, Orchard Plaza, #05-34, singapore 238841

Fees:  $90 for 3 sessions of 1hr 30mins each. ( $20 per session of 1 hr )

Sign up now and have the option to purchase the mBot Robot from us at just $94   

( usual price of mbot Robot is $110 )

Compulsory to purchase the mbot Robot from us at just $94 if you are signing up for home base learning.

We have a total of 6 stages of workshops from workshop 1 to workshop 6, get your  workshop 6 totally free of charge after you have completed your workshop 5.

Whatsapp us @ 9885 0900 for more information

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    Payment methods

  • Paylah to 9885 0900, we will send you a receipt by e-mail upon payment confirmation

  • Paynow to our parent company Geniusplaytime at this Unique Entity Number(UEN) 53290269J

  • Bank transfer to DBS Current 014-904894-9 ( Do E-mail to us the transaction details to )




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Robotics Revolution is the brainchild of parent company Geniusplaytime founded in the year 2015.    Over the years Geniusplaytime has been providing quality robotics and coding education to educational institutions all around Singapore, We have taught and produce many junior programmers who have discovered the fun of learning coding and applying what they have learned from their maths and science lessons at schools to real-world applications.    At Robotics Revolution we are not just teaching coding and robotics to children, we are grooming curious mind to love learning and with knowledge comes possibilities. Welcome to the Revolution !!!


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