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Dive into the world of embedded system with C-language the most popular programming language in the world of embedded system. What is embedded system. Embedded system is everywhere in our dailiy lives from washing machine, printers, automobiles, cameras, Industrial machines, Robotics and many more.

If you are someone who like to thinker with stuffs, create stuffs and make things works in general. Hope on and join us in this journey of learning and fun where brain (software) meets brawn ( hardware).


You can join our Arduino course where we guide you through every aspect of c-programming and all it's peripherals or you can choose join our Arduino workshop where you can interesting projects and with the option to bring back your very own project.


Join us in our 2.5hr session and begin creating and code out your projects to life. Learning Coding concepts and apply it on your project. Be warn!! watch your project come to life step by step right in front of your eyes. 

Bring your project back as souvenir and most important of all the coding concepts learnt in this 2.5hr Arduino workshop which you can bring home and begin working on your own.

                                                                 Click here to learn more.

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