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     A complex program is made up of many lines of simple programming concepts or functions, to be able to come up with a complex program you will first have to understand the many simple programming concepts that the complex program is made up of. Once that is achieved they can then use their creative juices to form more complex program with the fundamental knowledge of programming that they have acquired.

     Our approach to teaching programming to children is to teach them modularly with each module focusing on understanding the essences of that particular module before carrying on to the next course which will focus on a different module.

     This modular teaching approach doesn't overwhelm the child with too much information, it allows the child to clearly understand and grasp the core concepts and essence of that very particular module with ease.

    In these 6 courses , they will learn coding and solve programming problems by doing hands-on programming with the laptop, learn basic and advance concepts of programming and even learn from their mistakes that they have made during their hands-on programming which is very valuable in learning coding as mistakes will show them the why and the hows of coding.

    Technology will no longer be a mystery to them, they will be working their minds in no time when ever they see  Hi-tech stuffs  trying to decipher on how it all works. 

    At Robotics Revolution we are not just teaching coding and robotics to children, we are grooming curious mind to love learning and with knowledge comes possibilities. Welcome to the Revolution !!!

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Fundamental Course 1

Learn what a micro-controller is and how can it be programmed to control the robots to move around, react to it's environment, rotate it's arm 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees.


Programming concepts learnt


-if-else statement

-delay function


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Fundamental course 2

  Learn how a robot can count with counter variables and do addition or subtraction on the counter variables to produce a different number. Learn how a robot can remember numbers on the counter variable and do different task base on the number of the counter variable.  

 New Programming concepts learnt

-Initializing counter variables

-counter variables

-plus operation

-Minus operation

-switch statement


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Fundamental course 3

Learn how a robot can store and remember text information on memory space call variables. Learn how to write text on variables to be stored as information for the robot to read later on when an event happens, triggered by the event the robot will then read the variable and decides what to do base on the text written and store on memory spaces call variable.

 New Programming concepts learnt


-Nested-if-else statement


-More than operator

-Less than operator

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Fundamental course 4

      Learn how a robot can make complex decision with logical operator like the AND operator and the OR operator. Logical operator allows the robot to make complex decision by dictating whether a robot performs a certain task only if both condition 1 and 2 are both met for the AND operator or only either condition 1 or condition 2 is met for the OR operator. Timer will also be introduce into this course where the timer will starts counting and when a certain seconds is reached the robot will perform a task or check if a condition is met.

New Programming concepts learnt

-AND operator

-OR operator


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Fundamental course 5


 Learn how a robot can store information in two different variables to be compared later on to determine what the robot will do next and also explore how a robot can store earlier sensor values in variables to be compared with the current values of the sensor to see if there is a change in it's surrounding.

New Programming concepts learnt


-Comparing variables

-Boolean switched statements

- The equal operator

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Fundamental course 6

      Learn how a robot can store multiple relevant data into a group of data call array, these group of data can then be accessed later on individually by accessing their specific index to be used, read or do a comparison. Learn and understand the importance of interrupts like timer interrupts,  hardware interrupts and software interrupts to interrupt the normal routine of a program when something else urgent occurs and needed to be look into and process first before going back to where it has been left off and continue it's normal routine.



New Programming concepts learnt



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