Beginner Robotics for ages 5 and above.

Learn the fundamentals of coding in our beginner Robotics and Coding class. Learn how to apply the fundamentals of coding in it's simplest most elemental form. How a robot count? how a robot remember information with variables. How a robot can move forward and rotate left and right.

Intermediate Robotics for ages 7 and above.

After completing the beginner Robotics and coding course, students can then move on to our intermediate Robotics and coding course. The difference between the beginner and intermediate robotics and coding course is that while the beginner robotics and coding course teaches the basic concepts of how to use each coding blocks and each lesson in the beginner course is taylored specifically to learn that very particular topic.

Our intermediate Robotics and Coding course teaches children to create more complex programs by combing the knowledge they have learned in our beginner program to produce a much more complex program.


Advance Robotics for ages 9 and above.

After completing the intermediate robotics and coding program and have a taste of how mixing different modules that you have learned in the beginner robotics and coding program can produce much more complex and intelligent robot.

It is time to produce even more advance robot with complex data manipulation.